Testimonial by Hellenic Police

Hellenic Police is proud to be one of 25 partners of the ROXANNE consortium who, along with other Law Enforcement Agencies, industry and academia, joined forces in the fight against terrorism and organized crime.

The main goal of this project was to develop an interactive platform with AI intelligence that will combine advanced text, speech and language technologies, along with network analysis and video processing integrated into one platform. ROXANNE aimed not only to improve and assist police investigations but also to speed up the investigative process and to support Police officers‘ decision-making.

Three years have passed and with the completion of three successful field tests, the Autocrime AI Platform of ROXANNE Project is ready. Hellenic Police stress tested Autocrime platform using data from a sophisticated simulation case scenario. The platform’s results reached 83% and 93% accuracy of the speaker identification and voice to text (only two calls were in English) in two different scenario tests, where the goal was to identify the unknown users. This is an impressive performance considering that non-AI software analysis will never be close to 100% accurate. Of course, in any case the final assessment will be conducted by Law Enforcement Officers.

Nonetheless, the Autocrime Platform has still room for improvement especially in terms of supporting more languages (Greek, Albanian, Arabic etc.) as now supports only English language.

Finally, Hellenic Police will continue to evaluate the platform and in cooperation with the technical partners, will provide feedback and suggestions for improvements on the new technologies implemented.