Introduction of ROXANNE project outputs in the Czech Republic

As the development of the Autocrime platform is gradually coming to an end, and the software is beginning to take on concrete contours, it seemed appropriate to start introducing it to our colleagues in the security services of the Czech Republic.

Therefore, we took the opportunity to present the ROXANNE project on a workshop of specialists dealing with speech technology from the Police of the Czech Republic, the intelligence services of the Czech Republic, and from the commercial and academic sectors. It took place on 5-7 October 2022 in South Bohemia.

We presented the ROXANNE project in its entirety, from its historical origins to its current state. The audience was surprised by the size of the consortium and the diversity of its members. We truthfully described the problems and challenges in managing and directing a project led by such a huge  consortium of project partners. The participants were introduced to the basic functionalities of the platform, both theoretically and on practical live demonstration, which was positively appreciated.

We also described the features of the unique ROXSD dataset, which, in addition to the actual software, we consider to be another main benefit of the project. Based on the subsequent feedback from the audience, we know that the chosen direction of the SW development was correct and it is realistic to be used in practice.

Representatives of the participating security services of the Czech Republic will welcome the opportunity to test the final version of Autocrime in the course of their activities and if it proves to be successful, they are ready to deploy it in their production systems.

The key benefit for of the Autocrime for the Police of the Czech Republic lies in its unique functionality to display the links between each telephone numbers - shown both in a diagram (chart) of communications between telephone numbers, and also in a diagram of communications between speakers.

These two diagrams can be "overlapped" over each other to give a completely new perspective of the communication network of an organized crime group, that purposefully changes telephone devices and SIMs in order to make the work of investigators difficult or impossible.


Police of Czech Republic